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Since exactly the first week of second grade, my aspiration has been to illustrate books for children and to that end, my heart has never budged. Now with a son in second grade, I make a happy living selling freelance watercolor portraits and illustrating book covers for a small publishing house in Ireland. 

With strengths in storyboarding and the mechanics of movement, I studied animation and fine arts at the Delaware College of Art and Design. Graduating year, I was commissioned by the dean to represent DCAD at a city festival, live-rendering a Michelangelo masterpiece on our local riverfront. Since then, my freelance work has spanned creative mediums from bedroom mural painting to specialty cake sculpting; supplemented by hobbies in sculpture, portrait work, photography and tattoo design. I am currently illustrating a fun murder mystery series by award-winning author, Kemberlee Shortland.

I work in both animated and photorealistic styles, enjoying both tremendously. My preferred method is watercolor over India ink and my digital illustrations tend to maintain a hand-painted quality. Bill Watterson will always be my greatest influence and nothing inspires me like perfect quiet, littered happily in pencil shavings and eraser dust. I am currently available for commission and would love to hear from you. 


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